For consultancy services :

I'm currently running a software development company producing web applications. I specialise in the emerging technologies of Scala and Lift to deliver secure, scalable, highly interactive applications that are faster to build and easier to maintain than with other web technologies.

I spread my time between developing my own products and working on small-scale, short-term contracts for external clients. If you need someone to temporarily bolster your Scala development team (e.g. to fill the gap while recruiting new staff, an extra pair of hands to cope with a spike in feature demands, etc.), then please get in touch.

With over 20 years of industry experience, I've written software in fields as diverse as Investment Banking, Financial Analysis, Oil and Gas Project Management, Satellite Image Processing, GIS Systems, and TV & Film Production Management.

I've worked at various technical and managerial levels including heading up a department of 20+ developers. I cut my teeth on C and Unix, progressed through C++ and Java and am now thoroughly enjoying the conciseness, elegance and expressiveness of Scala.

I'm based in Cambridge, UK, working in and around Cambridge, London and the South East.

Check out my LinkedIn Page for a fuller biog.

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